Adrian's Story

"I’m not sure where to start, but I want to thank all my friends and family for helping me cope with the most difficult thing I’ve ever faced in my lifetime.  A few close friends know the details, but I’ve asked them to keep matters private while I was being treated at the hospital.  

Here goes ... about two weeks ago, I experienced tingling on my toe and finger tips.  Since the sensation didn’t go away after an hour or so, I went to the emergency room to see if they could figure out what was going on   They did an EKG, CT scan and a lot of bloodwork. Still, they couldn’t figure it out, telling me it was probably stress-related and to follow up with my PCP.  I did the next day and was prescribed medication that didn’t help.  

A few days later, I went back to the ER with as the tingling and numbness had spread throughout my entire hands and feet.  After doing a bunch of tests, they still found nothing unusual, so they referred me to a neurologist. When I explained to him what was happening, he wanted to do a MRI and spinal tap immediately. However he explained that unfortunately It would have to wait. He had to put in orders to be approved by my insurance. I wouldn’t be able to do those tests until later the next week.  

Frustrating as it was, I agreed to wait. A few days passed and the numbness spread up to my mid-forearm and just below my knees. Because it worsened, I went to the emergency room. They went ahead with the MRI and spinal tap, because I no longer had reflexes.  The MRI was normal, but the spinal tap revealed that I had GBS, which is quite rare and could potentially paralyze me.  

The next day I began almost a week of IViG treatment to fight this. During that time, half my face became paralyzed and I am now unable to walk.  I was devastated initially and cried like never before. Then a day passed and I felt better with a more positive outlook.

Short story, I had to go back early this morning as I experienced intense pain in my knees rendering me unable to stand. After a few hours I stabilized and was able to come home .  

I look forward to a long road of recovery and have a goal to be at Westminster next year showing my dogs as I normally do.  That is my hope.  So I’m thinking positive and will do everything possible to learn how to function normally again.  

Simple things now like eating, walking, talking, writing and texting are difficult and fatigue me   I can’t turn on my phone or even plug it into a charger. I’ll never take things for granted anymore. This happened so suddenly, out of nowhere with no way of explanation

I was supposed to be showing dogs in Idaho this weekend and was looking forward to the AKC National Championship show in Orlando. Our flights were booked and entries submitted; but now my plans have changed due to this.  

I’m writing this as a prelude to my rehabilitation.  Typing and texting are still very difficult.  Even composing this has taken me hours. The one thing this has taught me is that nobody has an easy or perfect life.  Let’s face it; life is hard and this is a perfect example of just that.

Many may think I have an easy and carefree life, but I’m just as human as the next,  I have pains. I have fears. I cry.  I’m vulnerable. I’m not invincible.....and I’m okay with that . This is just life.

Anyway I send much love to all my friends who always take the time to uplift me if and whenever I need it"  💕