Pre-order Dog Stain &  Odor Eliminator Donating 30% - 5 Gallon

Pre-order Dog Stain & Odor Eliminator Donating 30% - 5 Gallon

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INSTANT DOG URINE ODOR ERASER: Do not let EcoStrong’s fresh citrus scent fool you, our potent puppy and kid-safe enzyme solution do not need to ‘mask’ dog urine odors – it eradicates them at the source. Litter boxes, carpet, laundry, rugs, no matter where the hint of urine odor may hide EcoStrong Dog Stain & Odor Eliminator will make it disappear.

ENZYMATIC DOG & PUPPY STAIN REMOVING MIRACLE: Our professional-grade tri-phasic formula erases odors and stains guaranteed. There might be a lot of dog odor/stain removers to choose from, but none of them can match Eco Strong’s dog mess destroying power. 100% biodegradable, chemical-free, and will not leave a residue. Eco Strong is tough on stains and gentle on surfaces.

10 SECOND ODOR ELIMINATING ACTION: Eco Strong starts obliterating dog urine, feces, and other odors, immediately on contact. Within 10 seconds, the odor is wiped from existence, leaving the surface fresher than ever. Eco Strong is a powerful cleaner, some find that when it comes to repeat offenders, treated areas may become less of a target.

CARPET, UPHOLSTERY, LAUNDRY CLEANING POWERHOUSE: When it comes to eliminating dog urine odor – Eco Strong is unmatched. Fantastic for carpet, furniture, car upholstery, laundry pre-wash, dog beds, throw rugs, kennels, and outdoor/indoor hard surfaces. Eco Strong will be your one-stop go-to for dog odor/mess treatment whenever the need arises.

EASY SCRUB & BLOT GUARANTEE: Save the elbow grease. No more harsh scrubbing until your hand and arm burn with fatigue to wrestle the dog pee out of the stained surface. It is as easy as spray, saturate, and gently blot/wipe to watch the dog/puppy damaged spots disappear. Eco Strong’s high potency enzyme & beneficial bacteria concentrated formula eliminates pet waste permanently, and it is not coming back. Period.