Fruit Flies Secret Hiding Place In Your Home & How To Get Rid Of Them

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and got a face full of flies?

They may not be able to bite like mosquitos, but fruit, drain and sewer flies are an annoyance faced by millions of American homes. 

There are lots of home remedies online promising a fly free kitchen. 

You can move your food off the counter into the fridge, set traps, pour vinegar down your sink, but the bottom line is that this doesn't address the root of the problem. 

This is because these tactics are trying to kill the flies, instead of eliminating them at the source. 

Where do drain and sewer flies actually live:  

Drain and sewer flies live and breed in your sinks drain pipes, specifically in something called drain scum or a biofilm. 

Drain scum is a build up of organic waste from the food that has been washed down your sinks drain. 

It is a slimy thin layer of organic build up that coats your pipes over time and is the ideal breeding habitat for flies. 
The flies lay eggs in the drain scum which the larvae eat until they mature and venture up into your home. 
Drain scum can be made even worse if you have a garbage disposal as there is more food being washed down the drain and more surface area for scum to build up on.
Drain flies living in pipes

How to get rid of Drain Scum:  

The most common method for getting rid of drain scum is to pour harsh chemicals down the drain. 

These chemicals can be tough on your pipes and dangerous to store in your house if you have pets or young children.

We recommend using a bio-enzymatic solution to naturally break down the drain scum removing the flies home. 

A bio-enzymatic solution has live microbes that produce enzymes to aid them in eating organic material. 

In this case, the organic material is the drain scum that the flies breed in. 

The flies and microbes will be washed down your drain once the food source (drain scum) is gone.

Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator


Fruit, drain and sewer flies live and breed in the drain scum in your kitchen sink.

Bio-enzymatics work by naturally digesting and thus eliminating the drain scum that flies breed in. 

With no where to breed, the flies die off. 

EcoStrong offers a bio-enzymatic Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator with added enzymes specifically designed to break down biofilms. 

The microbes will also naturally remove other organic matter in your sink helping reduce odors in your kitchen. 

Tt has added vetiver oil which repels drain & fruit flies keeping them out of your drains for longer.

On top of all this Eco Strong's Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator will aid in waste digestion if you are on a septic system. 

Learn more about Eco Strong's Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator



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