Leach & Drain Field Blast

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Septic Drain and Leach Field Treatment
Bio-Enzyme Cleaner Breaks Down and Digest Clogs
Removes Odors & Mainline Cleaner

Eco Strong’s Leach and Drain Field Blast increases flow and drainage in sluggish and/or clogged drain fields. Leach and Drain Field Blast contains trillions of beneficial bacteria and four additional strains of powerful enzymes that break down clog forming sludge, soap scum, paper, fats, grease, and more. Additionally the added enzymes will attack stubborn fouling bio-mats.

Leach & Drain Field Blast also eliminates odors while working in harmony with the system’s natural bacteria. Containing six times the amount of biology as compared to the leading competitor Leach and Drain Field Blast will also reduce sludge increasing the time between pump outs.

✅ Cleans, Clears, and Rebalances:

Failing leach and drain fields are the leading cause of septic system failure. Using chemicals kill the system's natural biology, creating another costly problem. Septic Drain & Leach Field combines natural bacteria with additional enzymes to chop up and digest build-ups and Biomats, increasing flow and soil absorption while supporting the system's biological balance.

🌎 Safe – Chemical Free:

Septic Drain & Leach Field's all-natural bio-enzymatic formula is safe for use in all types of plumbing, drains, septic systems, leach and drain fields, cesspools, and pits. Made in America and tested to the highest standards to ensure purity and performance. All Eco Strong Products are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

💪 A Serious Solution for a Serious Problem:

Septic Drain & Leach Field's formula combines six strains of enzyme-producing bacteria with an additional four strains of specialist enzymes. Unlike other products that use bacteria or enzymes alone, Septic Drain & Leach Field packs a one-two punch.

⏱ The Bigger the Problem, the More Time It Takes:

You can save thousands in repairs using Septic Drain & Leach Field. However, biology takes time to work. It took time to create the problem. Logically, it takes time to break and digest the build-ups that are damaging your entire septic system. Sure, you can use chemicals like calcium polysulfide to quickly open the drain field, but you will kill the system's natural biology, creating another costly and time-consuming problem.

👃 Maintain a Healthy and Odor Free System:

Used by the pros, Septic Drain & Leach Field has its roots in the industrial wastewater industry. Our proprietary formula not only increases flow and soil absorption but also eliminates odor and supports the growth and balance of your system's natural ecosystem. Septic Drain & Leach Field will get the job done if you need a biological fix.

🥇 All New All Improved:

Septic Drain & Leach Field utilizes the most advanced Bio Enzymatic formula available. Launched in Spring of 2022 and Made in the USA.

🧪 Ingredients:

Water, micro nutrients, enzyme producing bacteria, wide variety of specialized enzymes

📃 How to use 

  • Pour the entire bottle down the toilet and flush.
  • Repeat every six months.

Intensive Care:

  • If septic performance has not improved after two weeks repeat as above.
  • If problems persist, consider using Eco Strong’s Septic Liberator, a more concentrated product designed to fix seriously failing systems.


  • Shake vigorously before each use.
  • Always use product at low flow times such as overnight.
  • The use of boiling water, bleach, or anti-bacterial or other chemical products in conjunction with Eco Strong’s Leach and Drain Field Blast will negatively impact performance

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