Our Story

Bryan Sims, CEO and founder, has started companies from the ground up, as well as, grown existing manufacturing companies in the environmental space for the past twenty-five years.

Bryan’s hands-on experiences and life skills are why today his philosophy is a simple one:

“we all have to make money, but it is equally important to me to do some good along the way, especially for this planet”.

His last company was a prime supplier to the BP oil spill, it was here Bryan learned about the incredible healing ability the earth has to offer.  Oil is a natural product and tens of thousands of gallons seep from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico every year.

“I had no idea that there where microbes in the ocean that could eat vast amounts of oil.” What!

It tuns out that there are all sorts of microbes on the planet that help in all sorts of ways. A lightbulb went off, a simple thought “If we can use our microbiology to safely clean oil from the ocean, while preserving the ecosystem and wildlife, why can’t we use this for our homes and businesses” From there, Eco strong was born, and the journey began.

All products proudly make in Illinois USA.