Drain and Fruit Fly Eliminator

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Eliminate all types of flies that live and breed in drains, pipes and garbage disposals

We destroy the fly’s breeding and development habitat (known as drain scum or bio film). Packed with billions of all-natural enzyme producing bacteria with additional scum
smashing enzymes, we destroy the flies home. With no place to stay they go away.

Eco Strong's Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator is unlike other drain fly products. Most are a mixture of soap, water and thickener with citronella. Our bio enzymatic formula ATTACKS and eats everything it contacts while doubling in strength every 20 minutes. Not only are flies gone, so are drain odors and the active biology keeps pipes clean and running freely

🌎 A Safe Fruit Fly Killer:

Our non-toxic gel formula is safe for use around food and anywhere in the home, kitchen, bar, or restaurant. Why expose your family to toxic chemicals and harmful fumes when you can use All-natural Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator with Vetiver oil? Eco Strong is safe and easy to use, and it smells great!

🪰 Drain Flies, Sewer Flies, Gnats, or Fruit Flies:

Eco Strong Drain & Fruit fly Eliminator gets them all. Any flies that live and breed in drains, pipes, or garbage disposals will be eliminated by our all-natural formula. And it's safe for use in any plumbing.

🏡 Home & Commercial Use:

Our gel formula comprises billions of all-natural enzyme-producing bacteria. And unlike other products, Eco Strong contains additional scum-busting enzymes making this the most effective solution. Pour into a drain, and this fast-acting formula breaks up and digests the scum that is the fly's breeding ground. Removing the drain scum eliminates the flies – problem solved!

✅ Clean Drains are Fly Free Drains:

Periodic use of our gel formula will keep your drains odor and scum free. By preventing the buildup of organic scum, you eliminate the risk of another infestation. When drain scum is present, flies have a place to lay their eggs. By maintaining scum-free drains, you have taken away their breeding ground.

🏆 Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We guarantee the effectiveness of our Drain & Fruit Fly Eliminator with a 100% money-back guarantee. Try it risk-free today and experience the Eco Strong Difference.

 🧪 Ingredients:

Water, enzyme producing bacteria, specialized enzymes, bio surfactants, thickener,
Vetiver fragrance.

📃 How to use 

Sinks & Drains:

For best results fill the sink full of water and drain quickly. We are trying to wash food partials and debris through the pipes before treatment. Simply pour 4 oz of product down the drain using the attached 4 oz measuring cup, every 24 hours, until flies
disappear. Use weekly as a prevention plan.

Garbage Disposal: 

For best results fill the sink up with water. Once full remove the
stopper and turn the disposal on, let completely drain and turn off. We are trying to wash as much food partials and debris away before treatment. Turn on the Disposal and pour 4oz of product in using the attached 4 oz measuring cup. Turn off disposal. Treat every 24 hours until flies disappear. Use weekly as a prevention plan.

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