Outdoor Odor Eliminator: Multi-Use Sprayer Bottle Instructions

  1.  Check that you have all the necessary parts. Fan Nozzle, Suction Pipe, Green Mix Head, Connector, Flow Valve, and Adapter
  2. Assemble the sprayer based on the pictures(s) above
  3. Set the mix ratio wheel to the letter D (table below for mixtures)
  4. Shake the product before filling the reservoir with undiluted Outdoor Odor Eliminator. Then screw the mix head on the reservoir.
  5. Before turning on the hose water, ensure that the control valve is set to the “OFF” position.
  6. Turn the hose water on and attach the garden hose to the sprayer. Slowly the turn control valve to the ON position.
  7. Apply a heavy soaking amount of product to the affected area(s).
  8. When finished. Turn off the hose, turn the control valve to OFF, remove and rinse the reservoir, refill the reservoir with water, re-attach to the mix head, turn the water back on, open the control valve to ON, and spray only water to clean the mix head

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