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EcoStrong’s Holding Tank Pods are the gold standard in drop-in RV black tank treatments. 

EcoStrong’s Holding Tank Pods combine ALL the best features found in today’s cutting-edge odor-eliminating technologies. Each pack is loaded with billions of enzyme-producing bacteria.

The result is a longer-lasting, more powerful blackwater tank treatment. The non-clumping powder not only has superior odor elimination but more powerful waste liquification.

👃 Eliminates Black Tank & Toilet Odors:

EcoStrong’s Toilet Drop-Ins keep away porta-potty smells three times longer by eliminating sewer smell at its source and not covering it up with fragrances. It works in gray tanks too!

⏱ Faster Pump-Outs:

The Pods contain 50% more biology that thoroughly liquefies human waste and breaks down toilet paper, making dumping easier and more effective.

🧼 Clean Sensors:

EcoStrong Drop-ins combine a 100% biodegradable cleaner and anti-clumping agents with the highest potency bio-active formula to clean and restore black tank sensors and prevent clogs.

🌎 Safe All Natural:

RV Tank Pods do not contain formaldehyde, Zinc Sulfate, TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) or chemicals of any kind. They are safe for septic tanks, RV and boat holding tanks.

 📃 How to use 

Use only 1 pod per flush. If your tank is larger than 40 gallons, repeat steps 1, 2 & 3.
1) Fill the toilet with 1 to 2 gallons of water.
2) Drop one pod into the toilet and let dissolve.
3) Flush once dissolved and refill the toilet with a few inches of water.

🧪 Ingredients:

Odor inhibitor, seven strains of natural bacteria, specialized enzymes, micronutrients, bio-surfactants, PVA film

 ❓ Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Dose this have any artificial fragrance?
No, the packs are odorless. 

Q: Can it be used with RV antifreeze?
A: Yes, antifreeze will not effect the performance. 

Q: Is it safe with bleach products?
No, bleach will negatively impact the products performance. 

Q: Will this work in a septic tank?
A: Yes, however we have a full line of septic products.

Q: Can you also use this for boat/yacht toilets?
A: Yes, it will work the same way in a boats tank 

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🥰 Why Buy From Us: 

  • Buying from us supports American innovation, manufacturing and jobs
  • We are a small family owned and operated business working with other local small businesses
  • Everything we make is eco friendly, not-toxic and safe for people, pets and the planet
  • We have live customer support if you need anything from us

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