EcoStrong RV Portable Pet Potty Recharge Liquid
EcoStrong RV Portable Pet Potty Recharge Liquid

RV Travel Dog Recharge Liquid

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Recharge your RV Travel Dog Portable Potty Solution so you can stay on the road longer

The Recharge Liquid is designed to work with our RV Travel Dog Portable Potty Solution but can also be used to eliminate odors in Potty Parks, disposable piddle pads, cloth reusable pads, litter boxes and more. RV Travel Dog Recharge Liquid destroys odors caused by; stool, urine, vomit, skunk, garbage and more. Our unique dual action odor elimination technology firstly bonds with malodor molecules locking them in place, then billions of natural bacteria consume all the proteins responsible for creating the foul odors.

🐕 Works on All Piddle Pads:

From disposable pee pads to reusable potty pads our proprietary enzymatic formula is unrivaled in its ability to neutralize foul urine and pet waste odors.

🏡 Perfect for Piddle Parks:

Managing pee smells with artificial grass potty parks can be a serious problem...but not with RV Travel Dog Recharge Liquid. Our high flow halo cap is designed to saturate problem areas allowing our powerful biology to destroy malodor molecules at the source.

⏱ Extends the Life of Potty Pads:

Say goodbye to everyday laundering of your washable piddle pads . Our powerful bioactive solution extends the odor free life of washable pee pads which means less laundry and less hassle.

🌍 All Natural and Chemical Free:

All Eco Strong products are 100% chemical free and NO harsh additive. Paw safe, people safe, and safe for our planet - Guaranteed.

 🏆 Try the RV Travel Dog Portable Potty Solution:

If you are looking for maximum performance, RV Travel Dog is a revolutionary system that combines a quick drying microfiber pad (with waterproof backing to protect your flooring) and the groundbreaking Recharge Liquid. This powerful 1-2 punch extends the life of the pad between washes by 7-8X.

🧪 Ingredients:

Water, bio-surfactants, natural, bacteria, odor counteractant, light citrus scent

 📃 How to use the Piddle Pad Complete System


First Time Use:

  1. Place the pad in the desired area. Creases will disappear in a day
  2. Remove stool and excess waste from the Pad as soon as you notice them
  3. Apply a small amount of Piddle Pad Odor Eliminator every 1 to 2 days to the areas of the pad that are being used frequently

Washing Instructions:

  1. Fold the pad in half with the fabric side out and place in washer by itself
  2. Use laundry Detergent and 1/4 cup bleach. Pre-soak if available
  3. Wash using the heavy cycle with warm, not hot water
  4. Spin on high. Let air dry for approximately 6 hours
  5. Follow the recharge instructions

Recharge Instructions:

  1. Apply 10 oz. (1/3 of the bottle) of RV Travel Dog Recharge Liquid evenly across the surface of the pad 
  2. Leave the pad flat and let dry for 6 hours 
  3. Place pad in desired location, then follow the first time use instructions 

🚚 Shipping and Returns:

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🥰 Why Buy From Us: 

  • Buying from us supports American innovation, manufacturing and jobs
  • We are a small family owned and operated business working with other local small businesses
  • Everything we make is eco friendly, not-toxic and safe for people, pets and the planet
  • We have live customer support if you need anything from us

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